Change Your Home Decor With Drawer Pulls

Home December 2nd, 2013

The onset of summer, though welcome, brings along some additional work, like storing away winter clothing, mowing the lawn or making arrangements for outdoor barbecues to be enjoyed with friends and family. Over and above all these normally accepted and expected activities, we look forward to summers for carrying out some of the long pending renovations that the homes always require. One such minor activity that helps change the look of the place is replacing your old drawer pulls. Here are a few simple guidelines to help you accomplish this task efficiently.

Guideline #1: Make a List

Successful execution of any project, howsoever big or small needs planning. And planning calls for listing down the activities and the materials connected with the project.

Like you make a list of all the groceries and other items to be procured during the weekend, you will be much better off if you prepared a list of different items needed for different rooms. As a matter of fact you should visit and inspect each room to study its requirements and the quantities of different items required. You will find quite a few small items of varying sizes and if you miss out on even one such item you’ll have to spend that extra effort and time. Make an independent list of needed items and the quantity for each room before finally compiling an exhaustive list for an execution of the whole project.

Guideline #2: Establish Your Style

Before rushing out to buy the new replacements for your home, you should make assessment of each room. You might have already established a theme for each room or for the whole place so that it maintains its uniformity of style and continuity all over the area. Keeping in mind this overall style and continuity, you should check all the rooms and jot down the color scheme or theme of each room to avoid any miss-matches in the long run. A little time spent in such an exercise will help you chose just the right color and style for the whole house and you will be glad that this small renovation project has not spoiled the original scheme of things anywhere in the house.

Guideline #3: Ask for Help

It is generally a good idea to seek help of professionals while you have a major home-renovation project, but for small projects limited to replacing the cabinet accessories, you really won’t need a professional and can save yourself of this avoidable expense. The money thus saved could be added to your budget for procurement of new items and accessories, besides drawer slides, pulls and handles. It will be worthwhile to exchange ideas on the subject with your friends and neighbors. You will get many useful tips not only on how to do it, but also on the type of materials to be procured and from where to buy the same. In totality, you may gather more information than perhaps a professional would offer you.

Guideline #4: Get Shopping

Having short-listed the material, style and finish of cabinet accessories of your choice, get ready for shopping! In case you have time on hand you may call upon the nearest hardware store to have a look at the available variety. Else, an easier option is to browse online. That way you will be able to view a larger variety and you may hit upon some exclusive designs, which may be hard to locate otherwise. Another advantage of ordering online is that you may be offered discounts if you are buying a substantial quantity and the goods are delivered to you. All this goes to save a lot of your time and some money too.

Guideline #5: Remove, Replace & Relax

Procurement of all the required items finishes a good part of your project. Now get started with your tools. Using a screwdriver, unscrew all the screws that were fixed to keep the hinges, cabinet knobs, and drawer pulls in place. Some of the handles are provided with back plates and you have to remove those. You may store all these small items in a separate bag to ensure that nothing is left back. The surest and easiest way to handle such a job is to remove one item at a time, fix the new item in its place and then move to the next item. That way you are not likely to miss on any handle or a knob.

Keep repeating these steps for all the items in each room of the house till all are done, thus completing the whole project.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pillow Top Mattresses

Home July 30th, 2013

In case you are thinking about purchasing a pillow top mattress, then you came to the place that will give you some good information. With a few basic tips, you will be able to find what you need.

Recently, there was a research conducted and it included 3,000 mattress owners who were ready to talk about their experiences with the products they bought. Withing those results, there were some interesting information on pillow top mattresses. They are divided into two categories here: innerspring and non-innerspring pillow tops.

The owners of innerspring top bed have enjoyed in their new product, especially older people. But, once they stopped being new, something different came into play. They have a good feeling in the showroom and during several months sleeping on these mattresses. Comfort level was something they were happy about. But after 3 yeas or so, these beds sagged. Both primary innerspring structure and the pillow top itself. It is exactly the reason why a comfort level has been reduced and those people couldn’t find the support they once had. It was unavoidable.

Non innerspring pillow top mattress include memory foam and air beds with a pillow top. Some of them are known by the name of Tempupedic and Sleep Comfort. People who bought these were pleased with the results in the first few months. Later, the sagging also occurred, but it was not as bad as it happened with previous version. The consumers noted the comfort was not what it used to be, but that the change is not as dramatic.

The main cause for this is the base structure. The memory foam and air bed will not have a sagging problem like innerspring mattress has. Since the springs are made out of metal, they get worn out in time. But memory foam is a different type of material and is able to endure for a longer period of time.

The conclusion is, if you are after a pillow top mattress, you should note that a non-innerspring one will last you longer. While it may have a higher price at the start, it will pay out in the long run. In case you do not plan to have the same bed for 5 or more years, then you could get a cheaper variant to save some money. Also, checking the brands such as Simmons, Sealy and Serta and comparing them to Miralux, Kingsdown, Englander and Restonic will give you a lot more options when it comes to price, durability, firmness and comfort.